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If you’ve ever wondered what the mysterious 9-11 or 10-13 mean on a pair of socks, that corresponds to how long your foot is, in inches! If you see 9-11, we call those “women’s one-size-fits-most” and if you see 10-13, we call those “men’s one-size-fits-most”.

If you wear a larger men’s size sock, (shoe size 13+) we have a selection of fun and functional King Size socks that will fit.

For women who wear a larger size (shoe size 10+) we recommend you try men’s socks.

If you’re interested in a knee high with a bit more stretch, check out our extra-stretchy collection that fits up to 21 inches around the calf.

Never fear, on each product page we describe the shoe size that will best fit that sock.


Youth sock sizes

We know that finding the right size for kids is confusing. We are here to help! Every brand has different sizing, but we have done our best to ‘bundle’ sizes so you can get on with the rest of your day (unless you want to spend the day shopping for socks…)

Here we go:

Youth Extra-Small: for newborns up to about 1 year old/12 months.

Youth Small: for ages 1-2 years/12-24 months. Shoe size of 4-7.

Youth Toddler: for ages 2-4 years old. Shoe size of 6-11.

Youth Medium: for ages 3-6 years old. Shoe size of 8-13.

Youth Large: for ages 7-10 years old. Shoe size of 1-5.

If you’re looking for ‘tweens’, we recommend women’s socks (for boys and girls). We have found that boys don’t quite have large enough feet for men’s socks, so women’s sizes are a good alternative.  


If you have any questions about which styles may work for you, please feel free to give us a call at (707) 397-1622 or email us at We are here to help!