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About Us

Village Sock Shop offers a diverse and divine collection of socks for adults and children.

Patty Joslyn and Larry Babic have four (wonderful) children (Jesse, Dylan, Thea, Clay), a daughter-in-law, and a grandson, for whom we think the sun shines. And let us not forget to mention Charlie B, the wonder dog.

Village Sock Shop hopes to reflect a philosophy that integrity, quality, and people matter. When possible, our focus is on fairly traded goods and natural products (organic cotton, bamboo, alpaca, wool). We consider the Village Sock Shop a place of soft goods, items that do no harm, things we can all feel good about.

Mendocino is a small seaside town (about 730 full-time residents). In March 2015, we bought what was named All Legs, which was on its way out of business; we hoped to bring it to life, and really, who doesn’t love a good pair of socks? We worked the shop until family matters called us back to Vermont, and thus, on January 2, 2018, the amazing Amy purchased it and re-opened it as the Village Sock Shop. Now, April 1st, no fooling, we are buying it back. We love ◯’s, don’t you? And spirals. And ocean spray and flowering plants. And our families
and friends and customers. And SOCKS.

We hope you can visit; we live in a beautiful part of the world, and if one of us isn’t in the shop to greet you that day, you’ll surely enjoy Victor’s company. He knows socks and a couple of good jokes. We will continue selling socks online at from the walls of our shop to you and yours. We will walk your goods to the post office and send them to you with robust THANKS.

We’re excited to continue forward with Amy’s inspiring project: "It Takes A Village,” which turns your Village Sock Shop purchases into a gift of a 1% donation to some of the many fabulous Mendocino non-profit organizations: Mendocino Area Parks Association (MendoParks): promoting and supporting California State Parks in Mendocino County. Mendocino Coast Children's Fund: providing resources for the unmet needs of infants, children, and families on the Mendocino Coast since 1992. The Mendocino Volunteer Fire Department: providing fire and rescue services to Mendocino and surrounding areas.