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It Takes a Village

Great socks aren't the only reason the Village Sock Shop has been so successful for so long. We've also had the support of our friends and neighbors. These are the people who inspire us. We want to show the positive impact we can all have on each other's lives because, at the end of the day, we all want a thriving community. We're very proud of where we're from.

Introducing our project "It Takes A Village". In one sentence, the project will turn your Village Sock Shop purchases into real, tangible impact through direct funding for awesome Mendocino non-profit organizations.

How it works: Simply, 1% of EVERY purchase with us is donated to one of our pre-determined non-profits. Now, a drum-roll for our selected charities...

  1. Mendocino Area Parks Association (MendoParks): they promote and support California State Parks in Mendocino County.
  2. Mendocino Coast Children's Fund: Have been providing resources for the unmet needs of infants, children, and families on the Mendocino coast since 1992.
  3. Mendocino Volunteer Fire Department: they provide fire and rescue services to Mendocino.

This is live now, so head on over to our shop - online or in Mendo! Giving back has always been important for us. We're SO excited to be able to donate a percentage of every purchase to causes that mean a whole lot us!

If you've gotten this far, know that I appreciate you and your support. Always make a positive impact!